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Random quote:

"If you kissed my eyes, your lips would taste salt"

An excellent quote from "Crocodile Lies", a poem by Marcus Flutie (Flu, lol ;), the sexiest fictional character ever (except for the oh-so-hormonal people from the Game).

He has inspired me to make my own iron-on t shirts. Even though I haven't, uh, actually made any yet. heh. :)

I just can't decide what to put on them (I want to put EVERYTHING! But my chest is only so

Also I don't have a t shirt to make it with, but, : AGH! I am in SUCH a creative mood. (No, it's not talent. It's the depression.) I really really badly want to make some clothes, but I'm too LAZY! ARGRHGRHGRH! (grumble grumble)

OMGosh, YO, it was so funny! When my cousins were here we spent a LOT of time watching TV trying to figure out where Ivan was going to end up and I didn't realize how HILARIOUS our commercials are!


First off, they have the thing for "Levitra" which is just funny on it's own, since it's for "erectile dysfunction", which would be a KILLER hangman word! OH YEAH! LMAO!

And they had lots of others, but they aren't that funny if I just say them, but if you want hours of entertainment, go watch the commercials in between weather updates!

Since I love makin lists:

Mar's list of possible t-shirt ideas, some of which are lame, and some are stolen, and I've prety much decided which ones I'm going to make into t-shirts, but I've provided them for viewing pleasure cause I'm curious which ones ya'll like:

"The Forecasters"
(kind of an inside thing, since that's the name of Carson's band. Would be even more awesome if I could silk-screen it. but I don't know how to do that yet...)

(Stolen from Marcus's 'days of the week shirts')

(Stolen from Marcus's 'Anti-Homecoming' shirt)

"You. Yes. You."
(Also from the cutie, Flutie. hehe ;)

"I'm useless but not for long"
(Line from a song)

"Game Master"
(Another one from Marcus, have considered changing it to 'Mistress')

"She changes everything she touches
Everything she touches changes"
(Random cool saying.)

"AA Bottom"
(My pathetic attempt at humor...)

"Practically perfect in every way"
(Mary Poppin's mantra)

"The seasick oompa loompas"
(The awesome name that got vetoed for the name of my bro's soccer team)

"Don't mind me I'm not really here"

"if you cannot find what you seek within yourself
you'll never find it outside of yourself"
(Wise words of wisdom from somewhere.)
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