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I feel bitchy, oh so bitchy! I feel bitchy and witchy and something....agh, fuck it.

YO! Warning you now. This is not a happy sunshine-y post.

Read only if you like cussing and hormoneicly uneven rants.


Okay, with that out of the way.

I don't even know what I want to bitch about.

I'm sure I'll think of something. I have enough ammo to throw, trust me.

Gosh, well, let's see....

I miss everyone, but I have no guilt about skipping class today.
I am LOVIN "I believe in a thing called love"! I got the guitar tab eariler today and *DAMN*, I can't play the solos worth shit but they're fun to listen too.


Okay, my little bro just walked into the room so I'm going to put some dots in here so he can't see my cussing above... hold on...
Okay, better now.

I've been feeling very musical today, which must be a side effect of the hormonies. I've practiced guitar 4 times today.

I'm bearly getting over the worst period I've ever had my entire life. I had cramps one week leading up too (I NEVER get cramps) and when it actually came, gosh I lost what seemed like a CUP of blood in 2 days. And it's not fucking over YET!!!

AGH! But it was made slightly better by the reading of an incredible book while all this was going on. "Second Helpings" by Megan McCafferty is one of the best books I've ever read. It's actually the sequel to "sloppy firsts" which I've never read, but I saw Second Helpings on the cart at the library and I was like "screw it, so what if I read it out of order?" which was strange because usually reading a series out of order is almost as bad as reading the end of the book to find out how it ends. I.E. REALLY bad. Cheating. At reading. Ugh.

Free Fallin by Tom Petty is a really good song. It's so funny cause that's actually one of my Dad's CDs. lol. Of course now it's "cool" to listen to "Classic rock" like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (NEWSFLASH: I don't like Pink Floyd, I mean, Dark side of the moon is ok... but geez, what's all the hype for. Don't even say another brick in the wall. Ugh, HEAVILY dislike.)

It is REALLY FUNNY for me to see that counter-culture is cool, which it can't be by definition. It's like the 80s all over again. HAHAHAH. Bleh, I could make the just about everything in Hot Topic or find it on the internet for less. It just goes to prove if you have money you can be anybody. Or Pretend to be anyway.

I should go do something crazy like go alter one of my dresses and wear it tomorrow, or get my nose pierced, or dye my hair a WARM green (can't mix palettes can we?) or chop it off.

I wish I had pair of boots that were humongus psuedo-army boots. That lace up my calves. I shold design some.

I miss designing clothes. You wanna knw something stupid? When Audra first brought out her modified clothing I felt all weird like, ok, who I now? I can't be the backwards fashionista who does her own clothes. I can't like Converse anymore. (I have to admit, it seems like everyone's wearing them, so, they're less attractive.) But then my Mom said, "It's really neat that Audra likes fashion design too, I bet you guys would be great friends." FRIENDS? WTF?

Oh, god mom, you're right. I;m sorry I was distracted by my stupid ego again. Damn.

She is. I have to admit, the rebellious army print teen is not exactly my look, (I prefer to more subtle in my movement)but still, gah, I could totally relate to her.

Oh, something I've wanted to say for a while: (Please don't take this the wrong way Kim. I mean this nicely.) I CAN DESIGN YOUR WEDDING DRESS! IF YOU *WANT* MEAG TO DESIGN IT THEN, FINE, DO THAT. BUT DON'T THINK I CAN'T, BECAUSE I'VE BEEN DESIGNING WEDDING DRESSES SINCE LAST SUMMER. Also, if I don't design your wedding dress, it's ok if I don't do anything else. I won't feel left out. I can be a guest and I won't care. I don't need to do something to feel loved. Thanks though dahling.


OK, that's all I can think of. End.
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