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Now I knw I'm just being paranoid....

Don't you just love it when you've gotten to the point in your life when you jump your barriors, face your demons, and you've forgotten all the things that are wrong with your life. How about being depressed for no reason and un-justly being dissapointed in your friends, only because you're to stupid to ask for what you really need, but then, not, because you don't know what you need.


You know what's worse?

Seeing everyone else's problems and not your own! You feel like this stuck up prick, and you don't want to say anything or do anything, except possibly give back this sight that never asked for and don't want.

It's kind of like when you realize your parents aren't perfect, and not only taht, you know exactly what's wrong with them and how they should fix it.

It's exactly like that, only not *quite* as bad as for your parents, because they've been your beacon and mentor for so long. It's still no falsh in the pan either. It gives you the feeling that you are more mature, even though you know you are not. Real mature people face their problems and help others through theirs instead of only seeing the psychosis in others and wanting to run away instead of help.

I suppose I'm in between these two examples. I obviously know their's a problem. Unless I really don't have a problem, and I'm just trying to get attention...

I HATE it when I do that.
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