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LIST! whoo!

Okay, I challenge you guys to make some sort of guy list.

This place is dying the long and painful death of inactivity.

So it's list time girlies!

C'mon it'll be fun!


The guy from Future Leaders of the world! Aghh, makes me shiver.

Vin Diesil (You guys are sick of hearing about that aren't you? I'll shut up. But he does have a sexy voice.)

Butch Walker (But his hair is sexier, dang.)

The guy with the deep voice and long hair from Big & Rich. He's not all that great to look at though. But his voice makes up for it.

Kurt Cobain (Duh.)

Chad Kroger (I love 'Feelin way to damn good', and 'Why don't you and I'.)

Adam Levine (The guy from Maroon 5)

Gosh, anyone with a sub-humanly deep voice really.

I need to make another list.

Aggh WAIT! I forgot Rob Thomas! AAAAA! He's practically #1!

Okay.. list ideas anyone?

What would you like to hear us talk about Matt? ;) Any conversation in particular you'd just looooovvveee to over hear?

lolololol :P

It's okay really, as long as it's not to sick (That goes for the yas too.)I'm willing to list ANYTHING!
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