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"Fever for the flava" by Hot Action Cop is so *hem* INTERESTING!

It's so funny! "I got the green glow under my car!"


Ok, I'm finally going to spill about the NC trip!

LOL, I'm sure everyone wants to know *wink wink* right! *wink*.

No seriously, I've never been around so many guys my entire life. So, sinceI love guys, and I love lists, I'm going to mkae a list of the sexiest/hottest/nicest looking guys that I saw in NC:


# The hot "Jesus man" that was our guide on the white water rafting trip. Pat and I thought he looked like Ryan Gosling with longer curlier more blond hair! He was very sexy! His name was Josh, which I swear is probably *THE* hot guy name! Anyway, Wes though he looked like Jesus, hence the name. That observation was followed by multible jokes about being "struck down" for wanting to jump the "Jesus" man. But I'm a godless heathen, so what do I care??? lol :P

# This guy who was at the same campsite as us, who was hot in n average guy way. He kept watching us while we were wading in the creek.

# The guys in the campsite next to ours. THEY were HOT! Kept looking at us as well. Because we were so sexy in our old camping gear and french armpits! But it was funny!

# Cooper one of the Indian Guides who was there. Felt like I was cradle-robbing but DAMN! He is going to be SO sexy in two years! Who am I kidding, he's cute NOW!!!

# A guy working at the "Nantahala outdoor center" who was helping move the rafts around. He had the nicest chest have seen in a LOONNNNGGG time! ;)

# And, lastly, these two guys in downtown Bryson City, who yelled at me when we were shopping down there. It was so funny, cause you could tell they thought they were so cool, driving around in thier big black pick up truck, "WHOOO!"(said just like you'd say "DAMN")-ing at girls, (I don't think they knew how to wolf-whistle :)hehe. And when they shouted at us, I thought they were shouting at MY MOM, and anouther oneof the IG MOMS!!! THAT was HILARIOUS! Especially cause I was wearing boy shorts and an old *tye-dyed* t shirt! HAHA! I still think they were high on something. But other then the sexy Jesus, that was the funniest thing that happened all week-end.


Misc. trivia here that I thought was usuful:


remove ANY article of clothing after being raped!
take a shower.
go anywhere, stay where you are.

Made me feel better, in a weird way.
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