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Life's Tough Get a Helmet

This is just something random that I've thought about lately. It's not based on anything that's happened to me recently. Anyways here it is.

It's amazing how you can know someone for years and think you know everything about them, when in reality you don't. For instance, you may know all the little things that make up your friend, but not a lot of the big things. You may know what their favorite things are, what they do when they're bored, you may even think you know what their thinking at a certain moment, but you don't. You don't know what they are thinking 24/7, you don't even know what your friends really think about you. Sure they can tell you what they think about you and you can tell your friends what you're thinking about, but they can never completely understand. Another thing that bugs me is stereotypes. Your friends may think you're this happy go lukcy person and want whatever you're on so they can be happy, but in truth the happy go lucky people will sometimes put on a smile just so their friends won't worry about them. That is sorta like me. I'm not a happy person all the time, in fact there are some days where I just want to be unhappy (as if it makes me feel better or something). Only a few have seen me unhappy. There are some days where I would rather be locked in a dim corridor with no one around and just scream at the top of my lungs, but instead I put on a smile and just go on with my life and no one ever knows. People also think I'm not capable of being ticked off or upset. On the contrary I do get ticked, it actually happens a lot, I just let it slide.

Being a hormonal teenager really sucks. I've known that all along, but there are some days where I would just like to be young again, before I worried about guys who were just friends, before I got stuck on the mood rollercoaster, before I started noticing that my parents weren't always right. It made more sense back then, but then again when you're a teenager you get to be more free then when you were a child. Anyways I guess this whole post is just a rant of a emotional teenage girl.

I'll leave everyone alone now. I'm just bored and wanted something to do. I'll just start scanning pictures in for a slideshow I'm making for my Grandmother now.
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