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Mary Poppins

I swear I am not obsessed w/ bras, it's just a subject near and dear to my heart (literally!)

Nothing gets me quite as p.o.'d as a new bra.


How comfortable is it to have brand new elastic and stiff lace strapped around your body? NOT VERY! :P

I only search out new bras when I have too. Like when all my other bras are literally falling apart and the elastic's scrunched up or broken. As soon as you out it on, you don't even notice it anymore cause it fits soooo well. You don't even have to adjust the straps cause they wouldn't DARE move on you. Unfortunately they reach this stage right before they go to the big trash can in the sky. WHY??????? *moan*

Ugh, if it was up to me, you could get stonewashed/stretch fit bras, just like jeans, the kind you just slide into. WOULDN"T THAT BE A GAZZILLION TIMES BETTER???

Yes, I think it would.

But I guess you can't make bras out of cotton, since they'd shrink right?

You just can't win! *bangs head on computer desk*


Happy joy! Mom said that one of the hooks on my black bra came off, and she took it out of circulation to fix it! So it's not lost!!! :D


Hmm, I kind of feel like spilling my guts, but for some reason I don't want to do it on my journal....
I think too many people read it. It's not anyone in particular, it's just to grand a number.

"These are my confessions....nahnahanah, I don't know the words, my confessions....lalala"

Actually, I don't have anything to confess.. But ya'll will just have to listen anyway....

My litle bro is teaching me how to play soccer, which is so much fun I am amazed. BUT. It's so much harder then I thought it would be, I can't explain it!

I went to watch his indoor game, and their goalie the first half was FANTASTIC!!! TEN F**KING BILLION TIMES BETTER THEN ME....

And he's sort of cooolieo looking-ish, ok so yeah, he's cute... Crap, he's like 13... AHHhhhh.... *eye roll* You know why????

Cause he looks like Rob Thomas from Matchobox 20! Dang.

AHHHHHHHH! I just realized, Wes told me the goalie/Rob was in his PRESCHOOL CLASS!!!!! *shoots self with stapler*


Hm, Trying to figure out my birthday and getting kind of swept away by the other things choking me to death, like the ACT and my highschool paper...

At the same time, feeling kind of weird and floaty, like there's nothing going on and I can just drift away...

I think I have more to say, but I have to eat breakfast. So till then, faretheewell darling SB readers!
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